Where can I find schedules?

Please click on your home state below to be brought to the schedule download page. Once there, select your age division to ensure you have the correct schedule.

State not listed? Click here to find your state.

How do I make a reservation at the host hotel?

The host hotel is where all your pageant weekend events will be held. Select your state below to be taken directly to your event’s hotel booking site:

State not listed? Click here to find your state.

Staying at the host hotel is not required.

Where can I find rules, such as walking patterns and time limits, for the different pageant events?

The walking pattern for any Optional or Required events that have a specific walking pattern, can be found in the State Guidebook, located here.

Some events have a time limit. Here is just a quick reminder of those events and their time limit.

  • Required Personal Introduction: 30 seconds
  • Talent Optional: 2 minutes
  • Spokesmodel Optional: 1.5 minutes

These rules along with guidelines for all events can be found in the State Guidebook, located here.

Will photos and videos be available for purchase?

Yes! We have an official pageant photographer and videographer. Click here if you wish to purchase a video package from Video Memories, our Official Pageant Videographer. There also also photo packages available for your event here.

Do I need tickets for pageant weekend?

Tickets are only needed for the pageant finale. All the other events are free for the audience to attend. The most common question we get about tickets is in reference to escorts. Remember, we do not use escorts during the pageant finale. So if your escort from the night before will be attending the finale, they will need a ticket too. Everyone, including the contestant’s parents, will need a ticket to attend the pageant finale. While contestants do not need a ticket to attend the event they are participating in, if they wish to attend another finale pageant weekend, they will need a ticket.

There is no limit on the number of guests you have, providing we have not sold out the ballroom. You can purchase tickets online up to one week before your pageant starts, at pageant check-in, or anytime on pageant weekend at the NAM Boutique. Tickets are $25 each. They are the same price if purchased in advance online, at pageant check-in, or at the NAM Boutique. All tickets purchased in advance, no matter how they were purchased or who they were purchased by, will be picked up at pageant check-in. All ticket sales are final, so only purchase tickets that you know you will need. Tickets will be sold throughout the pageant in the NAM Boutique on a first-come-first-served basis. Please note that some pageant finales do sell out and ticket sales will be cut-off. All seating is general admission and on a first-come, first-served basis.

A note of ‘holding’ seats: At NAM, we have a “3-chair rule.” What this means, is when you enter any of the ballrooms, you are allowed to save one seat to your left and one seat to your right, and that’s it. You are effectively taking up 3 chairs, the one you are sitting in and the one on either side of you, hence, the “3-chair rule.” Beyond the “3-chair rule,” you are not allowed to hold, reserve, or put items on other chairs to try to save them for other guests.

What is the 'Crash Course' Workshop?

We offer this workshop to contestants so they will feel prepared and have another opportunity to practice on stage. The teachers of the Crash Course have competed and/or judged at the local, state, and national levels! These coaches pride themselves on connecting with each contestant along with helping her feel “ready” for the exciting weekend ahead! The cost of the Crash Course is $25. You can pre-pay for them HERE or add it to your account at pageant check-in.

What is the Spirit of Pageantry Award?

Every contestant can earn this award! The Official “Spirit of Pageantry” Award recognizes each of the State Finalists who become involved in a variety of activities at the State Pageant. This is our way of saying, “We are proud of you! It’s great to try new things!” Each optional contest entry earns you one point, and once you get to FIVE points, you will automatically earn the Spirt of Pageantry Award. You will be presented the award LIVE on stage at the conclusion of the formal wear event for your age divisions. Learn more about which optional events qualify towards this award by checking out page 29 of the State Guidebook!

What is the Portfolio Award?

Enter four photos and automatically receive this awesome award. In the modeling industry, a modeling portfolio consists of about four photos. So, by submitting four photos into this contest, you technically have a modeling portfolio and we want to award and recognize you for this by presenting you with this award! You can pre-pay for Photogenic HERE or add them to your account at pageant check-in.